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Helping Understand Self Pain Management to Deal with Chronic Pain!Living with pain can be tricky and prevent you from doing the things you love, performing as you should be or even working.

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Yet there is sound evidence to show physiotherapy supports and enables people with chronic pain to remain in or return to work.

One of the aims of Physiotherapy is to achieve healthy levels of activity and self-management for chronic pain. It does so by addressing both physical limitations and people’s beliefs about their pain and condition.

It is understood that some people have multiple health issues that cause significant physical, psychological or social problems. At Phyiso in the Park we are trained to identify reasons why rehabilitation is not progressing or managing the pain.

The first stages of dealing with chronic pain is acceptance, pace and prioritising. It’s important to set goals and most of all be patient with yourself. Managing pain is a journey and on that journey staying relaxed is part of the process along with tracking your progress.

Being mindful that there maybe setbacks but staying focused and practising daily will soon have a positive impact and enable you to become an active self manager and to lead a better life.

Physio in the Park can provide physiotherapy advice and support that is individual to you and your lifestyle. We can identify ways to help and achieve your goals.

There are steps you can take to help yourself such as:

Choosing an exercise that suits your ability and lifestyle. For example, walking, swimming or gardening, done at an appropriate level, can help to relieve tension and stiffness in your muscles and joints. Also, exercise increases levels of endorphins which occur naturally in your body and act as it’s very own natural pain killer.

Relaxation techniques such as meditation can help to reduce persistent pain and muscle tension, and can help aid a good night’s sleep.

Keeping in touch with friends and family, and distracting yourself, may sound strange but keeping your mind active is as important as keeping our bodies active. Aim to talk about anything other than your pain.

If you suffer from pain either from an injury, sporting incident or you are just not as agile as you used to be please contact Madelaine Smith on 01623 709710 or email: for your tailored exercise routine to help you on your pain management journey.